High Power Lithium


Our group research provide information about energy sources we can exhaust for efficient and effective use of energy. We also discuss the safety of lithium power and environmental effect it may cause.

What is Lithium?

It is a silver-white metal that belongs to alkali metal group. Lithium needs to be processed as its presence in nature is very minimal. It can be found in brines and clays from ocean. Lithium should be handled with care because it is combustible and highly reactive.

How is It being Used?

Microwavable Wares

Lithium oxide coverts heat to the oxide, its presence in ceramic and glass makes them heat proof which can be used in microwaves. It prevents these items to melt in high heat.

Oil Thickeners

Manufacturers use lithium to produce lithium soap. It is used to thicken oils that can withstand heat thus making the lubrication lasts.


Since the discovery of lithium in energy storage, batteries became smaller. It can hold energy without the bulk. An average lithium battery can charge 3 volts per cell compared to the previous batteries we got used to.


Lithium can turn into salts which was proven to be effective in treating bipolar disorder. A doctor’s advice is required before you can get this medication as it comes with potential side effects.