Why Precaution is Important?

Proper handling needs to be observe when it comes to lithium. Improper use, storage, and release of lithium has environmental effects and can be dangerous to humans as well.

Possible Damage

Lithium is highly corrosive and mixes with the air we breath. It this compound mixes with the air, it will irritate our lungs and nose and the worst part is, it can trap waters in the lungs which later on will lead to pulmonary edema.

Proper Handling

When you need to use lithium for whatever purpose it may serve you, remember that this chemical has to be taken seriously. Here are the safety precaution you should always keep in mind.

Keep an eye wash and work closer to the shower.

In case of any skin contact or exposure to lithium, it is important that you immediately wash your eyes and take a shower.
Work in a proper laboratory.

Follow the guidelines of a fully equipped laboratory where you can mix this kind of chemical. Visit: Guidance on Safe Storage of Chemicals in Laboratories

Let others know what you are doing.

In case of emergency, it’s important that you have someone to call. Make sure you are not working alone.
Wear gloves, glasses, and long sleeves to prevent any possible contact to your skin.

Protect yourself from getting an injury. Don’t underestimate the power of prevention and precautions.

Dispose waste properly. 

To avoid damage to environment, make sure to follow the disposal guidelines. Check: Dealing with waste lithium batteries.