Taking Care of Your Phone’s Battery


You may not be able to rout out holes and some fancy patterns on your battery like your garden furniture but taking care of furniture and batteries have similarities.

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Close apps that are not in use


Not using the photos, the music, or the settings? Close them! Close the apps that are not in use because running them in the background will only quicken the journey to low battery status. It’s just like refusing to remove garden furniture even if it’s no longer being used. You should also turn the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth off if they’re not being used. Remember, the former consumes a significant amount of power because it continually looks for a signal. Turn your 4G LTE too if not needed, and keep your screen as dim as your eyes can handle. Put your device to sleep when possible (learn more in the next tip)

Don’t shut your phone off all the time

Turning it off requires more juice to power them back up. You may turn your phone off once in a while but do so when you’re at home and don’t let them sleep for a long time. Turn it off every 48 hours and wait for half a minute before switching it back on. This will restart the device and turn off apps that are running in the background and draining your phone’s battery.

Switch off push notifications


These notifications need a lot of power from your battery to keep you updated with the latest posts on your social media apps or other apps. Turn them off if you need to conserve energy. Also, don’t forget to disable location-based services when they’re not in use. To avoid forgetting that they’re on, simply allow every app’s location services to “allow when in use.”

Change the display settings on your phone

You change the look of your garden so that it’s more pleasing to the eyes, but you change the display settings of your phone so that the battery can last longer. Lowering your screen time-out is an excellent way to save battery and to take care of it. Turn your GPS options as well, and avoid using live wallpaper—they may be fun to look at, but they affect the performance of your battery. Update apps if necessary.

Drain it completely once a month

Your phone needs some exercise too, so drain it once a month for better performance. It’s just like removing the broken parts of your wooden chair or table using a wood router so that it can perform better or look better.

Charge the battery

phone-chargingLastly, don’t forget that your phone needs charging just as you do and just as the plants in your garden need watering. Before charging, however, make sure you wait until the battery is down to about 15 or 10 percent. Then, charge it up to 100 percent. Don’t overcharge it especially if you’re using a new phone.