The Truth About Taking Lithium


Lithium has been proven to be effective in treating bipolar disorder. Though there are many myths that prevents us from taking it. Skeptics are everywhere questioning its safety. What is the truth? Is it effective or harmful for your health.

Lithium salts

Doctor can’t explain how lithium how stabilizes bipolar disorder. Lithium salt is simply mineral which means it is all natural.┬áBipolar patients has suicidal tendencies. Therapy and anti-anxiety medications alone will not solve bipolar issues. It is a relief that there is a natural medication one can take to help them live a happy normal life. Though it is natural medication derived from nature, we still recommend that you take it with caution. According to research, lithium stabilize moods and regulates behavior and thinking.

Side effects


Anything you intake internally affects the body. It doesn’t mean that the medication is bad for you. However if the side effects becomes a constant thing, check with your doctor. Side effects of taking lithium are but not limited to hand tremor, weight gain, acne, decrease thyroid, drowsiness, and weight gain. The side effects you really need to monitor are: confusion, slurred speech, fainting, and rapid heart rate.

Things to remember:

Lithium medications are made from salts so it will be advisable to drink plenty of water exceeding the normal water intake of 8 glasses a day.

Take the medication as prescribe

To benefit from taking the medication, it is important that you follow your doctor’s advice. The reason behind this is, there has to be just enough lithium in your blood cells. Anytime that lithium in your blood cells become low or high, it affects its effectivity.

Don’t take lithium if you’re pregnant

According to research, taking lithium during pregnancy cause birth defects. Nursing mothers are discourage to breast feed while on this medication.

Limit alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages reduce lithium’s effect on the body which means you have to take a higher dose. It will cause imbalance in your blood cells which is very important when it comes to taking lithium.

Don’t keep secrets to your doctor

Doctors will ask you about your health condition, medical history, allergies, past surgeries, family history, and other medical related questions. It is important you tell your doctor everything. Keeping secrets to your doctor will not do any good.

Monitor side effects

Taking lithium doesn’t come with many side effects normally. But if you are one of the few who is allergic from lithium, we strongly recommend that you keep track of your health condition.